RAK Free Zone

The Ras Al Khaima Free Zone (RAKFTZ) has built its infrastructure after careful research, planning and development, resulting in the introduction of unique and ambitious three park concept that did not exist previously in the UAE or even within the region. These parks are the Business Park, Industrial Park and Technology Park and the advantages of each are the following 

The Rak Free Trade Zone Business Park is centrally located in the heart of Ras Al Khaima’s vibrant business district, between the industrial park, 20 km to the north, and the technology park,15km to the south. The business park is also just a short walk from the 1600 sq meter Eras Al Khaima’s exhibition hall. 

There are also modern shopping malls, entertainment centers, and a five star hotel in close proximity-roughly as five minutes walk away. The offices are equipped with state of the art communication links, and all utilities and cleaning services. Rak Free Trade Zone is always on hand to provide local and international marketing knowledge, support, and service to assist with an investor, business development. 

The Rak Free Zone Industrial Park is located along the Ras Al Khaima coastal raod aproximately 15 km north. Ras Al Khaima and immediately adjacent to Hulaylah Island, which is approximately 6 km from port Saqr to preserve the ecological heritage of the area, the industrial park is surrounded by the protected and native mangrove trees providing an ecologically–friendly environment in which to operate.The industrial park is sub divided to provide a variety of plot sizes, ranging from 1000m2 to over 10,000 m2, and fully serviced with water, electricity and telecommunications utilities. In addition, labour accommodation is providing rates for investors who desire to set up their own factories. There is an administrative and service support centre located within the park. 

The Rak Free Zone Technology Park is intended to accommodate international service, consulting, investment and trading companies as well as capital intensive high technology manufacturing and assembly companies. The technology park is located in the area of Ras Al Khaima that is not only developing as a manufacturing area, but also has a recreational tourist area. The 71 hectare park is adjacent to the Ras Al Khaima Ceramics and other light manufacturing businesses. The proximity of the technology park to the Emirate highway makes it readily accessible to the city centre, international airport, Port Saqr, and destination south ward, such as Dubai. The Al Hamra development located across the Emirates highway is a water front recreational development that includes a hotel waterfront villas, marina and golf course. 

The technology park provides investors with plot configured to accommodate their specific needs. Plots may be further subdivided or consolidated to meet development requirements. Plots will be fully served with water electricity, telecommunications and labour accommodations. 

Ras Al Khaima Emirate also has developed port facilities (Port Saqr) and an international airport. Ras Al Khaima International Airport is a modern and efficient airport who’s facilities include a duty free shop, restaurant and a snack bar. Destination which are served by direct flights are Muscat, Bahrain, Doha, Cairo, Al Ain, Qeshm, Meshad, Uzbekistan, Krasnodar, Kozhicode, and large number of destination located in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) destination serve via connecting point include Colombo, New Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Tehran, Thiruvanpuram, Chanai, Tiruchirapali, manila, and others. 

The Saqr Port authority is ideally situated close to the major shipping lines and the Strait of Huruz. Saqr Port was built by order of H.H sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi, supreme council member and ruler of Ras Al Khaima. 

Additional ports are being developed at Khor Khuwair and Jazirat Al Hamra Port would be made into a special port dedicated for Yachts-the first of its kind in the UAE. The new facilities is part of major plan for the development of island. 


Despite the abundance of Free Zone in the UAE, the geographic location and proximity of the Port Saqr position Ras Al Khaima free trade zone as the first port of call for all northern emirates an efficient attention to administration procedure insures ease of trans shipment and swift access to countries around the world. Port Saqr is closer to the main shipping lane traversing the stairs of Pakistan, India and within easy reach of China and the Far East. 

The industrial park is located six kilometers from Port Saqr. 

  • The industrial park is located 1,000 meters from the Dubai-Ras Al Khaima highway and in close proximity to the Ras Al Khaima International airport.
  • The business park is located at Nakheel, which is Ras Al Khaima’s business district, and is 200 meters from the modern Rak exhibition centre.

The business park is close to the Manar Mall and culture centre. RAKFT is the first trade free zone to offer per motion and service centers at Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

The procedure for establishing a business in the Ras Al Khaima free trade zone are very straight forward and can be completed in a short space of time (it can be within one day) especially if there are no environment issues involved. 

  • Dedicated innovation and promotion centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Transport laws and regulations
  • Simple and fast application procedures.
  • Long term renewable lease, up to 15 years and more.
  • RAKFTZ Authority provides excellent state–of–the–art I.T and communication facilities.
  • Excellent sea-port and international airport
  • Easy International Access.
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Industrial park is close to Saqr Port.

The business park is located in the central business district of the city, close to the modern RAK Exhibition Centre, Hilton Hotel and Beach club Manar mall shopping and entertainment complex. Ras Al Khaima city offers a pleasant quality of life without the stresses and headaches of a large city yet it offers of the facility required by the international business: superior telecommunication offered by Etisalat, modern airport connections to 25 countries, excellent port facilities at Port Saqr-only 30 kilometers from Ras Al Khaima and is in close proximity to the Emirate of the Dubai and Sharjah. There are no recruitment problems since we assist investors with their labour requirement for hiring employees on either contractual basis or permanent basis. 


RAKFZ Authority has setup dedicated innovation and promotion centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to increase the awareness of the free zone. The innovation and promotion centers present investors with a sub spaniel scope for broadening their marketing and management operation, while continuing of this initiative, investors can also capitalize on all of the exhibitions, conference events and seminars being held in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. 

The innovation and promotion centers are located near the commercially important areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the exact location ais: 

Twin tower Daira – Dubai
Located in the heart of the city where business opportunities exist in abundance. Investors profit from advantages to promote their companies, hold business meeting and meet clients. 


In the capital of the UAE, the Ras Al Khaima Free Trade Zone innovation and promotion centre is located within the prestigious Abu Dhabi mall. Equipped with the high profile office suites in the central business districts, the per motion centre connects investors to emerging business developments. Activities Allowed by the Free Trade Zone. 

The RAKFTZ is unique in that it is comprised of three different business parks, both functionally and geographically, it is advantageous to tenants since each business chooses where they wish to invest based upon the type of activity in which it is involved : 

Heavy industry where housing. The free zone industrial park is comprised of 117 Ha (47 acres) of land in close proximity to Port Saqr, this means that receiving or shipping is expended by the short drive to the port. 

Light and “clean” industry. The Free Zone technology park is viewed as a light industrial zone, with 71 Ha(28 acres) consisting of developing plots that are dedicated to the activities requiring a clean production environment and/or close proximity to RAK international Airport or Dubai. 

Trading and services. Located in the Al Nakheel business district of Ras Al Khaima city, the business park has fully – equipped offices complete with ample power points, internet and phone infrastructure, executive office space, and complementary service is such a cafeteria and bath room. 


Phase one of the industrial park was developed for the light to medium industry and is associated with warehousing, storage, and transportation activities. As part of equipments for setting up manufacturing facilities, the applicants are asked for an environmental professional. in general, no activities will be approved that have detrimental impacts to the environment and /or the health and safety and or /to the general welfare of the public. 


The following permitted uses are examples may be considered to operate within the industrial park: 

  • Company head quarters.
  • Research and Development activities and laboratories.
  • Commercial service business.
  • Storage and warehousing.
  • Formal warehousing and industrial support services
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Manufacturing, processing, or assembly.
  • Lumber and wood products
  • Apparel and finishing textile products
  • Furniture and fixture
  • Processing or assembly of chemical and allied products
  • Processing or assembly of rubber products, industrial, machinery and equipment. Glass edging and silvering
  • Miscellaneous products including abrasive, cosmetic and toiletries, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, musical instruments, office supplies, toys and supporting goods
  • Food service and eating facilities
  • Employees accommodation for the employees working in the industrial park
  • Public facilities


The technology park is intended to accommodate manufacturing and assembling companies and RAKFTZ assumes that companies will incorporate capital-intensive and high technology applications in their manufacturing assembly and warehousing processes. 

Industrial property development should be of high visual quality and having minimal environmental impacts. Building designs and constructions must ensure that company operations are empty from any effects on the environmental, health, safety, and general welfare of the public. Adverse impact include vibration , sound, electro mechanical disturbance, electro magnetic disturbance, radiation air and water pollution, dust, emission of odorous, toxic or non- toxic matter, or the creation of the potential for explosion. 


The following uses are examples that may be considered to operate within the technology park boundaries:

  • Company headquarters.
  • Administrative and professional offices.
  • Research and development activities and laboratories
  • Commercial service and business.
  • Manufacturing, processing and assembly activities.
  • Apparel and finished textile products
  • Transportation equipment
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, Electronics, glass and clay products
  • Manufacturing, processing or assembly of:
    • Food products
    • Paper and allied products
    • Chemical and allied products
    • Plastic and rubber products.
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Motor freight terminal
  • Warehousing and distribution centers for products produced in the park
  • Restaurant food service and eating facilities
  • Employee accommodation for workers within the park
  • Public facilities


The following operation and uses shall not be permitted on property within the industrial park boundaries: 

  • Junkyards or open–air recycling facilities.
  • Refining of petroleum or storage
  • Dumping, disposal, Incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage, dead animals, or other refuse
  • Stockyards or slaughter of animals
  • Truck storage terminals.

As more and more free zones appear in UAE and throughout the region, RAKFTZ will continue with its policy of securing and attracting environmentally friendly, quality investors in the service, manufacture and industrial sectors. With high emphasis placed on attracting investors from technology industries 


The RAK innovation and promotion centre (RAK IPC) is a free zone facility which allows different kinds of business enterprises to start free of unnecessary hassles. Some of the key features of RAK IPC are the serviced, fully-functional and ready-to-use offices, flexi-offices and flexi desks, plus a wide variety of service. All of these are offered at cost-effective rates. 



The Executive offices are serviced, fully–functional and enclosed offices. The standard office range from 14 to 28m2 and are expendable as per client requirements. 

Fully furnished
Personal computer(s)
Cisco phone(s)
Dedicated Fax number
Private email addresses
Shared printer (optional)
Shared P.O. Box (optional)


  • Furnished and un closed office
  • Share fax services
  • With two executive desk and chairs per office
  • Shared work space environment
  • Direct incoming/outgoing telephone (telephone device are shared, but specific number will be assigned to clients)
  • Five hours to free usage per week for each client
  • Two personal computers in each flexi-office
  • Shared p.o. box number
  • Provision of soft file storage(25-MB), upgrade able at cost
  • On booking bases
  • Private email addresses



The flexi desk is a shared and network desk designed for signalperson user such as professionals, self –employees business of establishment. 


  • Furnished and semi-enclosed office
  • Shared work space environment has one executive desk and chair.
  • Private email addresses
  • Direct incoming/outgoing telephone (telephone devices are shared, but specific numbers will be assigned to clients)
  • Allocation of five hours of free usage per week
  • One personal computer on each flexi-desk
  • Shared p.o. box number
  • Provision of soft file storage(25-MB capacity, up gradable at cost)
  • On booking basis
  • Shared fax services

Rules and regulation for Flexi–office and flexi–desk 

  • Each user should be a valid trade licence to operate in the free zone
  • Only the licence/share holders/seconded employee will be permitted to use the flexi office/desk
  • Each client has a maximum usage time of five (5) hours each week user access of the five hours allocation will be charged at Dhs (75US$21) per hours
  • Unoccupied bookings shall be counted toward hours of usage
  • The usage of any fraction of an hour will considered as one hour.
  • Un-used hours or fraction the roof cannot be carried forward to other weeks
  • The user shall maintain the cleanliness of the work station
  • There should be no damages to the flexi office /desk properties and facilities. upon causing any damage, a user shall place a property or facility with an equally good or better substitute
  • Before occupying the work station , the user shall ensure that all the properties and facilities there in good condition. if there’re any damage they should be reported to the costumer services centre in charge before occupying the work station
  • Retail trading ,manufacturing, assembly and repacking of any products is not allowed in the flexi office/Desk area
  • Trading/marketing of illegal or contraband items is strictly forbidden.
  • Sign board are not permitted
  • Display of boards is not permitted
  • Possession of any combustible or explosive substance like petrol like kerosene is forbidden while using the facilities
  • The RAK free trade zone authority reserves the right to enter the premises for inspection at any time without prior notice to ensure compliance with the RAK free trade zone rules, regulations and requirements
  • All outstanding administrative and financial issues shall be promptly settled with the RAK free zone authority
  • Clients are not permitted their keep their belongings
  • The free zone shall not be responsible for the loss of the clients belongings
  • Smoking and the consumption of the alcoholic are strictly prohibited inside the office, pantry or common areas.
  • The client shall not cause any nuisance, disturbance or annoyance to the other clients and the clients using the adjacent offices
  • The RAK flexi-offices desk and adjacent premises cannot be used to houses or accommodate any person, animal or pet inside.
  • The RAK free trade zone authority reserves the right to take back or deny the work station after the usage time.
  • The computer will be shared by other users and free zone will not take any responsibility for the documents store inside
  • Booking of the usage of the facilities should be done by e mail or fax.
  • Cancellation should be done at least two (2)hours before the reserved time


  • Exchange of conference hall use with flexi-office: One (1) conference hall hour = four flexi offices hour
  • Exchange of conference hall use with flexi-desk One conference hall hours = five (5) flexi–desk hours
  • Maximum of two exchanges are allowed in a month Remote Access Desk (RAD)

The remote access desk will enable you to operate with all the advantages of a multinational cooperation’s will be registered with RAK free trade zone, but you will have flexibility and mobility for your company’s operations. 


Contact centre service-your call will be answered by a receptionist in your company name and forward to your office, home, mobile or voice mail. 



1 front desk services (Secretarial administrative service)


The contact centre will be an able you to receive your calls even when you are not in the office or site. The contact centre operator will receive and answer the call on your company’s behalf. 


  • Available (at cools) to clients leasing the executive offices, flexi-offices and flexi desks
  • Part of packages for all remote Access Desk clients
  • Personalised any company-specific answering service
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) system-capable
  • Call forwarding and intra- office forwarding
  • Message processing (receiving and forwarding)

The conference room and facilities will be made available to both RAKFZ and non-RAKFTZ and non-RKAFTZ registered clients 


  • Interconnection
  • Flip chart
  • White board
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) system–capable
  • Lectern/speaker’s podium
  • Plasma monitor



Booking will be on first-come, first serve basis, by fax or email only priority will be given to RAKFTZ clients. Before and after using the facilities, the client shall ensure that all are in good working condition. 

If there is any damage, this should be reported to the business centre before or after usage, as the case may be. 

Cancellation of the facility should be done at least (2) hours before the reserved schedules, otherwise the client will be changed for the “book period” 


RAKFTZ offers a world-class information technology (IT) system. A line up of the service is on the following page. 


Initial Setup Basic Set up Package

One Ip telephone number Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For a new client (upon company registration) Executive offices
One CISCO Ip telephone device Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For a new client (upon company registration) Executive offices
One facsimile number ( with line) Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For a new client (upon company registration) Executive offices
Internet connection @64 kbps Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For a new client (upon company registration) Executive offices
VLAN set up on one ! PC/laptop Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For Existing clients (upon application for the telephone and fax number And email id) Executive offices
One Email ID with 5 MB capacity Dhs 1, 500 (US$411) For Existing clients (upon application for the telephone and fax number And email id) Executive offices
Charges per phone +Fax+ Email Dhs 100 (US$28) quarterly All clients

Additional Telephone/Fax/Email/Internet Connection

Customer prime Equipment(CPE) for secure VLAN Dhs 600 One time Executive office
For second connection only Dhs 250(US$69) One time All clients

Additional Telephone/Facsimile Features

Virtual private network-VPN (goes with soft phone) Dhs1,500(US$411 One time All clients this is a given feature for RAK clients
Soft phone(goes with VPN) Dhs750(US$206) One time All clients 9this is a given feature for RAK clients
Voicemail Dhs100(US$28) One time All clients
Fax to email Dhs350(US$96) One time All clients
Additional soft ware (Exclusive of the soft ware license) Dhs250(US$69) One time All clients

CISCo Phone Upgrading (Deposit Only)

CISCO IP phone 7912 Dhs1,000(US$ 274)   All clients
CISO IP phone 7940 Dhs1,5000 (US$411)   All clients
CISCO IP phone 7970 Dhs3,000 (US$ 822)   All clients

Miscellaneous upgrades

Reserve telephone numbers Dhs25 (US$7) Quarterly All clients
Additional email address Dhs35( US$9.6) Annual All clients
Email address with antispam /antiviruse Dhs120(US$33) Annual All clients
Increase email storage from 5-MB to 15-MB Dhs1,000(US$274) Annual All clients
In-office wireless connection Dhs1,000(US$274) One time All clients
PC rental Dhs500(US$137) Monthly Exec.office

Internet Connection Upgrading

@256 kbps Dhs200 (US$55) Monthly Exec.Office
@512kbp Dhs350 (US$96) Monthly Exec.Office
@1Mbps Dhs600 (US$165) Monthly Exec.Office
@2Mbps Dhs1,000 (US$274) Monthly Exec.Office
Real IP address(Block of four) Dhs2,500 (US$685) Monthly All clients

Support Service ( per unit of Pc)

Bronze support Telephone/Email support for any system/ network-related issues Dhs100(US$28) Quarterly Exec . Office
Limited application support-MS office Silver support Telephone email support for any system/network-related issues Monthly date back up-50-Mb capacity Dhs150(US$41) Quarterly Exec . Office
One free it visit/Consolation per month Dhs150(US$41) Quarterly Exec . Office
Golden support Dhs200 Quarterly Exec.Office
Telephone/Email support for any system/network-related issues Dhs200 Quarterly Exec.Office
Preventive maintenance( two free It visit/consultation) Dhs200 Quarterly Exec.Office
Fortnightly data back ups Dhs200 Quarterly Exec.Office

IT Consultation/ Visit

Golden silver/ bronze members Dhs50 (US$14) Per visit As indicated
Non members Dhs100 (US$28) Per visit As indicated
Back up file restoration Dhs100 (US$28) Per visit All clients
Disaster recovery/re installation Dhs150 (US$41) Quarterly All clients
Back up service Dhs100 (US$28) Quarterly All clients
Anti virus /Firewall service Dhs100 (US$28) Quarterly All clients

Other services

Contact centre services(RAK site) Dhs350 (US$96) Monthly All clients this is a free feature RAK clients
Hosted mail server with 50- MB space Dhs1,200 (US$329) Annual All Clients
Hosted web server with 100-MB space Dhs1,800 (US$494) Annual All clients
Audio conference Dhs50 (US$14) Every 30 minute All clients
Setup(Excluding call charges) Dhs200( US$55) Every 30 minute All clients
Audio –visual equipment for conference Dhs75 (US$21 Hourly All clients
Additional training on It/IP telephony usage Dhs100 (US$28) Hourly All clients