Dubai Healthcare City

The Government of Dubai is Developing Dubai health care city (DHCC) with the goal of creating a regional centre of excellence for medical services, medical education, and life science research and development in the Middle East. DHCC is a member of Dubai holding. DHCC is the world’s first health care free-zone. Entities within DHCC can benefit from the free zone benefits. 

DHCC represents an opportunity to leverage Dubai’s successful growth and development along with the region’s professional capital-and the experience of its partners in medical education health care system development, and strategic paining –to create a location of choice for high-quality and innovative health care management, education, and research, enriched by international health care providers yet unhindered by legacy systems and practices. 

DHCC has invited internationally respected institution in health care delivery, education, services, and research and development collocate on the site to take advantages of the synergies brought about the physical proximity, interconnectivity, and professional collaboration. Medical centers in Great Britain, Germany, and the USA have expressed interest in participating in DHCC, with particular interest directed to the academic medical centre component. The DHCC tenant will have to meet international building standards and quality standards, including accreditation within 36 months of start –up, and will face probation and then suspension of license of accreditation is not forth coming. The licensing and quality management processes and decision-making have been delegated by DHCC to autonomous board with international representation. 

The total sites compromise of two phases, including disease treatment, prevention and wellness facilities. The first phase, located behind Waif city, is approximately 4.1 million square feet in size. The second phase, dedicated to wellness facilities, will be announced soon. DHCCs services and facilities will be available to the UAE, the whole of the Middle East, and surrounding regions. Under the auspices of the centre of health Care Planning and Quality (CPQ), Harvard medical and DHCC will oversee a quality assurance system that guide continues improvement through out the entire site. 


Dubai Healthcare City site is located in Bur Dubai alongside Rashid Hospital, a short distance from the tranquil surrounds of Dubai Creek and the Creek side park. DHCC lies in the heart of the city and is accessible from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain through Sheikh Zayed Road. 


  • 1.Service
  • 2.Industrial
  • 3.Trading


  • 100% tax free
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No corporate tax
  • No income tax
  • No customs duty
  • No restrictions on capital, trade barriers or quotas
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clinic lease/purchase options


  • Low operating costs
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Flexible real estate designed to suit the industry (laboratories, pharmacies, etc.)
  • Integrated healthcare community providing specialized first-class medical care
  • Access to network of regional healthcare professionals


  • No bureaucracy or red tape
  • One-stop shop for government services (24-hour visa service, permits, etc.)
  • Business support services (hospitality, events, etc.)
  • Hassle-free company registration
  • Hassle-free company laws and legal framework
  • Quick access to knowledge workers due to fast track immigration process


  • Networking and connectivity with global brands/customers
  • Coverage of the entire value chain of healthcare


  • Conference centers
  • Telemedicine facilities
  • Residential community
  • Recreational facilities


  • Access to world-class, specialist medical care
  • Highest service quality in a culturally sensitive environment (private rooms, family accommodation, etc.)
  • Convenience of an entire healthcare community
  • One-stop shop for government services for access to Dubai Healthcare City
  • Dubai University Hospital Medical Staff
  • Access to best quality medical equipment and devices
  • Leverage of a global network of doctors
  • Access to a practice, education and research network
  • Competitive, world-class working conditions
  • Opportunity close to home


  • 100% ownership
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities in day clinics and hospitals
  • Access to doctor network and leverage of medical knowledge and training
  • Strong relationship with patients through healthcare community approach


  • Increase in patient flow due to cross-referrals
  • Better healthcare provision through partnership with Dubai Healthcare City (e.g. specialization)


  • Improved quality better cost-benefit ratio
  • Cost savings on patient traveling
  • Attraction of medical and healthcare service businesses to Dubai
  • Attraction of additional knowledge workers
  • Increased business in all sectors due to increased ‘people traffic’
  • Higher attractiveness of Dubai as a regional location of choice


  • Attractive investment opportunity and financial return
  • Additional consumer spending from customers and visitors
  • Attraction of medical and healthcare service businesses to Dubai
  • Increased brand exposure