Company Formation in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

MAZ are veterans. This statement means our specialists are one the most trusted and recognized in the process of company formation in Dubai. We can easily help you setup:

  1. Professional firms
  1. 100% foreign ownership
  1. Sole proprietorships
  1. Civil companies

Such firms may engage in professional or artisan activities but the number of staff members that may be employed is limited. A UAE national must be appointed as local service agent, but he has no direct involvement in the business and is paid a lump sum and/or percentage of profits or turnover. The role of the local service agent is to assist in obtaining licenses, visas, labor cards, etc.

We are a registered agent of Government of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) investment authority.
For a more in-depth discussion, Contact us now. We’ll be glad to assist you in forming your company / firm in UAE region.