Property Law

Possession and freehold issues

With real estate prices being a hot issue in Dubai, new types of crimes are being witnessed, and property crimes are resulting from the failure of one of the parties to complete its commitment based on the contract signed by both parties – developer and investor (owner) or two developers.

Our goal at MAZ Business & Legal Consultancy is to follow up these issues in order to:

  • Try to resolve the dispute amicably by proceeding for settlement.
  • Send legal notices prior to filing for criminal or real estate cases.
  • Register claims with the Dubai Courts or Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).

Rental issues

MAZ Business & Legal Consultancy is one of the leading offices in the U.A.E. dealing in rental issues and qualified to appear before a rent committee to determine rental disputes. We possess a vast expertise in dealing with high rents and applying the law to the benefit of our clients, and we have a high success rate in settling those disputes.